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About Us

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our business!

Welcome to! My name is Deven. I am wife to a wonderful husband and mom to a wild and crazy boy. I have worked in the online advertising space for over 16 years with both massive mainstream firms as well as smaller boutique agencies. During this time I have also amassed considerable experience on social media from organizing large events, connecting thousands of people in social groups and even running this very same company completely on social media!

I wanted to make Deven’s Deals to not only to promote and grow the (already) large or established businesses, but also help the new and upstart companies!

So whether you’re a long standing brick and mortar or a new shop downtown… a veteran online business or a hobby crafter just starting to ship goods… Deven’s Deals can help get the word out!

Thank you so much for considering a partnership with us. We are a committed to success and helping you reach the customers you want!

HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting Deven’s Deals over the past year, and I am SUPER excited to partner with others in 2024!