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Nazelrod Law

Nazelrod Law

When choosing an attorney, you want someone you can trust and rely upon. At Nazelrod Law we believe each client is unique and as such, each plan is developed to fit each client's needs and situation. We believe a client-centered practice allows us to provide quality legal services while promoting confidence in the attorney-client relationship.


At Nazelrod Law we are passionate about the client experience and our client relationships. In fact, Nazelrod Law was created with the client in mind. For example, we understand you cannot put everything on hold to go to meet with or speak to your attorney and it is often not convenient to travel to the office during business hours. Whether it is signing estate planning documents or working with us on administration matters we strive to do our best to work with your daily schedule and offer flexible meeting locations and virtual meetings as requested. We provide a tailored experience to meet your needs.

Give us a call today and schedule a free consultation to see if Nazelrod Law might be the right fit for you!